John Elliott

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John Elliott was born to parents, Jack and Anne Elliott in 1951 at Pasadena, California during the early years of Ambassador College where his father worked for Herbert W. Armstrong. Growing up in the headquarters environment was followed by attending college at the Bricket Wood, England campus.

Early work experience included electrical construction, electronics, and national sales rep for a trailer manufacturer before focusing on a career in television production. However, that career would soon be replaced by an even better one.

After marrying the love of his life, Merrie, he was hired to work full time in the field ministry in British Columbia, Canada.

John and Merrie have three daughters married to men who serve in the Church, along with eight grandchildren. Mr. Elliott currently pastors congregations in Arizona and is senior pastor for the Church’s operations in East Africa.

He has served in the ministry for 38 years including other pastorates in Arkansas, South Dakota, California, and Ohio. A decade ago he concurrently served as president of an advertising agency in Cincinnati while on half salary. He says that serving on the Council of Elders is a heavy responsibility that necessitates one’s full reliance on God for inspiration and direction.